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San Miguel CorporationCorporate Safety Policy
     San Miguel Corporation regards safety as basic to the prudent management of its human resources and physical assets to establish, enhance and maintain a safe and healthy work environment conducive to greater productivity.
     The Corporation is committed to continually improve its occupational safety and health management system and comply with all relevant safety legislation and requirements to prevent accidents resulting in personal injury, damage to property and operational disruption.
     Safety is a shared responsibility between the Corporation and its employees. By the same token, the benefits are mutual.
     All managers, supervisors and employees are enjoined to ensure that safety programs and practices are in place in their areas of responsibility. Let us exert every effort needed to make safety consciousness a primary concern for everyone.
Corporate Policy On The Environment

San Miguel Corporation, the Philippines¡¯ premier food, beverage and packaging company is committed to the protection, preservation and enhancement of the environment. Thus, SMC will actively contribute towards a clean and healthy environment for the well-being of its employees, consumers, and communities where it operates.

The Company¡¯s Environmental Management System focuses on continual improvement, a key philosophy which reflects how SMC utilizes its resources, and manufactures, packages, and distributes and markets its wide range of products.

      Consistent with its mission of responsible stewardship of the environment, SMC adopts a holistic approach by:
- Exercising leadership in providing environmentally acceptable manufacturing processes, products and packaging;
- Actively developing and implementing processes which involve the sustainable use of resources, pollution prevention and waste management;
- Consistently meeting environmental standards; and,
- Influencing its key stakeholders through the sharing of the company¡¯s environmental policy.
      San Miguel Corporation believe that the prosperity and beautiful environment, our business is booming.

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