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Making Everyday life a celebration
        San Miguel will be a US$10 billion company by 2007.We Will carry into new markets our year a century-old tradition of quality and integrity.Consumers will take pleasure in reaching for our products and services because they are the best value for money.Our food and beverage brands will be in every household and every retall outlet.Through our products and services.every occasion to drink and eat will bring enjoyment...a celebration.
Our Values
Passion for Success
        We will constantly strive for excellence.We will be the best we can be and create value in everything we do.We willbe proactive and entrepreneurial.propelled by a sense of urgency.competiveness and total dedication to results.
        With trust and respect for each other and with unity in purpose.we will work toward our shared aspirations.transcending boundaries along functional and organizational lines.
Respect for Our People
        we recognize Our employees as individuals and are committed to nurturing their individual copabilities. we will uplift the dignity of labor by encouraging our people to be the best in their fidlds.We believe their growth and the growth of the organization go hand in hand.We are committed to creating awork envronment that encourages open communication.camaraderie and professional growth.
Customer Focus
        We will be our customers'preferred choice. They will choose our products and serveces above others because we provide them with products and serveces that exceed their expectations.
        We will encourage creativity and ingenuity in our processes and systems.producys and services.We will be forever looking for ways to outdo ourselves.always striving to be the first to anticipate consumer needs and deliver something better.
        In the conduct of our business.we will be guided by what is ethical.fair and right.We believe in profit with honor and are committed to good governance and the highest moral standards.
Social Responsibility
         We believe social responsibikity and corporate cityzenship are integral parts lf business.We are committed to improving lives of people in the communities in which we live and work.

Foshan San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Co., Ltd.
Address: No. 3, DongDi Road South, JunAn Township, Shunde District, FoShan City, GuangDong PR. China 
TEL86-757-25576568 / 25579861 FAX86-757-25577124